Growing your business isn’t easy. Clients expect more from you today than in the past. You need to have systems in place, technology that is robust and simple to use, an excellent staff and good marketing. We offer coaching, training and client facing tools designed to give you what you need at the level you need it. This may mean going through our six month coaching program, learning from our weekly webinars, attending a regional event or many other opportunities for 1-on-1 training and coaching.

Buying Practices

If you are thinking about purchasing a practice, you may have questions about how much to offer, terms of the deal and how to transfer the client accounts. Deals can easily fall apart when something doesn’t go as planned. We work to educate both buyer and seller on best practices. Our team can help you value the practice or consult with you on the terms of the deal and provide options for financing. We stay with you every step of the way through transition to ensure important steps are not skipped.

Succession Planning

We help SSN financial professionals with the two main parts of Succession planning: Continuity and Retirement. We see continuity planning as an insurance policy against an untimely death or becoming incapacitated. We can help you create a simple document or a more elaborate plan to protect your family if something unexpected happens. We can also help you sell your practice when the time is right. Finding a buyer that will be a good fit with you and your clients and also give you fair value for your practice is our priority.

Advice is Evolving

The industry is changing more rapidly today than ever before. There will be winners and losers as regulation, fees and technology evolve. SSN’s Practice Development is here to help you give clients the types of services they expect. We focus on the central reason clients hire you: your advice. In today’s environment, this means more communication, better technology and a transparent way of doing business.

The Succession Opportunity

We focus on a three prong approach to succession planning

  1. If you are looking at selling, there are a number of tools available to maximize the value of your practice. We work with advisors to make some simple improvements that can rise the selling price of your practice and put the buyer in a better place to server your clients.
  2. If you are considering purchasing, we have the resources to play matchmaker internally as well as help purchase outside practices if you are interested.
  3. We see continuity planning as an insurance policy against an untimely death or becoming incapacitated. You can complete a simple document or create a more elaborate plan if you wish.

To bring all of this together, we have an online tool available to collaborate with other advisors at SSN and all of the Ladenburg firms. This allows you to find the right match for your practice.